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 Pest Control Information-
NPIC  provides objective, science-based information about a wide variety of pesticide-related subjects.  Prior to deciding on a method of treatment it is important to identify the pest.  To assist you with questions you may have about certain pests the following links have been provided.  For additional information on how to control a pest contact your County Extension Office.
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Know Your Adversary

The first step in insect control is to know what pest you are dealing with. Each of the domestic cockroach species prefers different areas in a residence so identification is important for best control. A typical infestation is composed of individuals of different sizes, including reproducing adults with wings (usually) and immature individuals that do not have wings. Unlike some insects (butterflies, for example), immature and adult cockroaches live in the same habitat and eat the same foods.

Immature cockroaches, called nymphs, are smaller than adults, and hatch from egg cases that the adult female deposits. As the nymph grows, it sheds its "skin" or exoskeleton so it can get larger. Each nymphal stage is larger than the previous one, and the adult emerges after the last nymphal stage. This figure shows the life cycle (egg, nymph and adult) of the German cockroach.

Although only two nymphal stages are shown, the German cockroach has at least six. Each cockroach species has a unique number of nymphal stages (see Chapter 3). A picture of the brown-banded cockroach life stages including the egg capsule (egg case), nymph, adult male and adult female is shown also.

All stages can be readily identified, but the features of the adult are larger and more distinctive so we will concentrate on identifying the adults. Identification is not difficult, but you must recognize features on the cockroach body. Refer to the body parts of a cockroach adult in the following figure.

Head. On the head, cockroaches have chewing mouthparts that are used to chew or scrape off food too large for them to swallow whole. Cockroaches also have a pair of compound eyes, but have poor vision except that they distinguish easily between light and dark. You have probably noticed that these pests are nocturnal, (active at night and hidden during the daytime) because they are repelled by light. Also on the head, is a pair of long, well-developed antennae, sensory organs that detect odors and vibrations in the air. Inside the head is a small brain that coordinates the various body functions.

Thorax. On the thorax, all cockroaches have three pairs of legs. Adults of most of the domestic species have two pairs of wings, although one species, the oriental cockroach, has poorly developed wings in both sexes. Even though they have wings, these pests are poor flyers. They do have excellent running abilities, however. Cockroaches can even defy the law of gravity and crawl across the wall or ceiling. There is a large plate-like structure on the thorax, just behind the head. This structure, the pronotum, has color patterns that distinguish several cockroach species so it is an important anatomical feature.

Abdomen. The abdomen of the cockroach houses the reproductive system. The eggs are enclosed in a tough egg case which protects them from drying out. The female of one species, the German cockroach, carries the egg case around with her until the eggs within it are nearly ready to hatch. The other three species often glue the egg case in a convenient place or simply drop it somewhere. Cockroaches show no parental care and may even be cannibalistic, eating their young if no food is available. They eat injured and dead cockroaches, too.

On the end of the abdomen, there are a pair of cerci, projections that also serve as sensory organs. Cerci function in a similar manner to antennae, sensing vibrations through air or ground. Cerci are directly connected to the legs of the cockroach via abdominal nerve ganglia (a secondary brain), which is an important survival adaptation. Whenever a cockroach "feels" a presence with its cerci, its legs start running, even before the brain receives the signal. Once a cockroach is running, you have to be pretty fast to step on it.

An identification key is provided in Appendix D, by using the key and referring to the individual cockroach species and comparison pictures, you will be able to correctly identify the species of cockroach you are dealing with. Remember, identification is essential to a successful cockroach control program.



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Pest Control Information-
NPIC  provides objective, science-based information about a wide variety of pesticide-related subjects.  Prior to deciding on a method of treatment it is important to identify the pest.  To assist you with questions you may have about certain pests the following links have been provided.  For additional information on how to control a pest contact your County Extension Office.
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